Greetings from Oregon!

Chris Cummings is an internationally renowned artist who is as comfortable on her horse as she is in her studio. With expert use of lighting, color, and detail, she brings the breath taking world of horses alive on canvas. Whether her horses thunder across open fields or enjoy a peaceful moment of solitude, viewers will be captivated by the power that is conveyed in her creations.

Wild Wings Galleries publishes her oil paintings as limited edition prints, sells her originals in their galleries,and licenses her work to other companies for use on many items ranging from cards and calendars to furniture and clothing.

In the future we plan to carry many of the items that feature her work, and provide links to other sources where her artwork can be found. Currently we are offering prints, originals, and a variety of cards and gifts.

Prints available from this site include Artist's Proofs, plus Gicl'ee prints on canvas. We carry all of her prints, even those that have been sold out in the regular edition. The prints can be viewed in the gallery on the right. Other items and links will be provided as they become available, so please visit back often.